This cute little smooth puffer fish has been found swimming in New Jersey bays and rivers this summer season.

But, if you see it you should probably throw it back in the water!

According to experts in this article by The Daily Journal, the proper name for this puffer fish is 'Lagocephalus laevigatus.' (If you know the proper way to pronounce that, please let me know because I am struggling!)

These puffer fish are typically found in southern waters, and have a good range in the Atlantic Ocean. They can be found near shore areas over sand or mud bottoms, so I suppose it makes sense that it made it's way to our shore!

The FDA says they're pretty deadly fish, with toxins such as tetrodotoxin and saitoxin that cause severe illness and death, which can mess with your central nervous system!

If you eat the toxic puffer fish, you'll experience symptoms like: tingling, weakness, loss of balance, vomiting, diarrhea and paralysis. Oh, and in severe cases...death due to respiratory paralysis.

So, if you catch one, just don't eat it!

Read the full story on The Daily Journal.

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