It's that  time of the summer where's Mom's are going crazy.....


in more ways than one.  "Mothers" aren't just frustrated at the kids, their also frustrated at their couch potato partner.  Trust me, I've seen the wrath fall on me before.  I'll admit, I was lazy, and needed some motivation.

Here are some tips to get some couch potatoes up and running again:


Make exercise fun:  Compromise. Ask him what kind of chore or workout he would enjoy, and be willing to step outside your own exercise comfort zone if necessary. Maybe he'd enjoy a spin class, inline skating or swimming a few laps.  Sitting around with the remote doesn't count.


Communicate--Reassure that your not trying to change them, or be bossy, just need a little help.


Find out what your kids love to the most--bike riding, swimming, hiking, jump on a boogie board and ride some waves.  Try to identify the most liked activity and do it once a week.  It not only helps you to bond with your kids, but also keep them from starring at a TV screen all day.


What are your tips?  Comment below!



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