To say we've missed out in 2020 is an understatement at this point.

Comparing this year to years past, it's safe to say this one takes its rightful place at the bottom of the barrel. How long will we continue to miss out on life? Who knows. Of course, safety is the most important aspect when it comes to reopening the country, but that doesn't mean we don't have the right to be slightly bitter about the fun we have missed out on and will continue to if COVID-19 doesn't desist.

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Not only has the coronavirus robbed us all of multiple holidays, but at this point, it looks as though we may be robbed of summer, as well. In a survey conducted on behalf of Ally Financial, 2,000 people were polled to see which events they foresee to be either cancelled or postponed this summer due to COVID-19.

  • 1

    Trip to the beach


    Since we live near the beach, this first event might not actually apply to us. Many people, almost half of those surveyed, revealed that they do not plan on moving forward with any beach plans this summer. Bummer.

  • 2



    A vacation, for some, might go hand-in-hand with that beloved beach time that will be missed out on by so many people, but almost half report that all planned summer vacations are postponed until further notice.

  • 3

    Normal party


    Whether it's just an annual get together, a graduation party, or something else, there's not too much partying going on at the moment. Even though Governor Murphy has now announced a lift on the restriction of how many people can attend a social gathering, many say they're still steering clear from a party setting until they're sure it's safe.

  • 4

    Birthday party


    The alternative to a birthday parties are now birthday parades. They look pretty cool, actually.

  • 5

    Family reunion


    Almost 35% of people surveyed do not plan on attending any reunions this summer.

  • 6

    Your own birthday


    If your birthday was celebrated in quarantine, hopefully, you were able to make the best of it. If yours has yet to be celebrated, but is coming up in the following weeks, put in your request for a bday parade now.

  • 7



    One in 4 people will not attend any barbecues or cookouts out of fear of contracting the coronavirus. That includes any 4th of July celebrations.

  • 8

    Work trip


    Cancelling a work trip is understandable under the current circumstances. Especially, since you can't guarantee at what level the health and safety regulations are being adhered to at your final destination.

  • 9



    78% of people surveyed would attend a concert this summer, given the chance. However, 22% still say not enough time has passed for them to feel comfortable enough attending an event like that over the next few months.

  • 10

    A Move


    The housing market is, to say the least, suffering as a result of the coronavirus. People that had planned to move this summer are pushing it off until they can guarantee some safety, security, and stability in both their health and finances.

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