We've all been in a store and gotten frustrated while trying to checking out. All you want to do is pay for your stuff and be on your way, right?

This video, posted on YouTube by Andrew Dapuzzo, shows some familiar frustration happening at a Walmart in Toms River, according to the post. There is a lot of standing around and staring. His friend appears to be shooting the video. The Walmart employee isn't too happy about the video...




The video description, ripe with misspelling, says:

Thrown OUT of Walmart for using a real 100 dollar bill.
What is America Comming to, no one had the pen to check, it looked suspiciuos, cashier was going to get change but csm stopped the transaction (did not tell me it was fake but would not accept 100 would accept other bills), some things are ridicoulous at THE STUPID WALMART. Must have spent 10+ grand there in the past 5 years (Just added up the recipts to send to corp walmart). Will go elseware for all my needs. How could a corperation of this size not have the ability to check if a US Dollar is real, it funny how this is a US Based company, it depends on a couple of poorly trained house wifes and pt time cashiers to guess if money is real. Why not try the lick test to see if it tastes like money that might work just as good as what walmart of tomsriver Nj has now.


Well, there you go.


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