Seriously, my life right now. 😱

So I have officially moved to South Jersey as of the end of June, and I am all excited because this is the first time I'm living on my own. College does not count.

While I am excited to start my own adventure, the process was not easy getting to where I am now, not by a long shot. So. Many Boxes.

I was and sadly still am, until I train myself not to be, wide-eyed about how I want my pad to look. Do people still use the word "pad" anyway? But there's just one little thing that gets in the way, and that is adulting; i.e. bills.

Who would have thought?!

Here's what I've learned rather quickly about my new experience with my apartment.


  • Anna Davydova/Thinkstock
    Anna Davydova/Thinkstock

    You Need Measurements of Practically Your Whole Life

    Who knew that windows and bathrooms come in all different sizes, and spreads out to rods and curtains. Lamp shades also, I literally have no shades on my two lamps right now only because I have no idea what size they are. I didn't even know that was such a thing.

    And let's not even talk about kitchen tables, chairs and the amount of space needed to fit a spice rack, coffee table, and tall plant.

    Did I mention the actual furniture? I don't want to...

  • Ryan McVay/Thinkstock
    Ryan McVay/Thinkstock

    Forget Matching Everything

    You may end up eventually having a somewhat themed dining room or living room, but that day won't be today.

    You'll quickly learn to take and appreciate your parent's old, brown leather couch, your grandparent's black end tables, and your best friend's navy carpet all moving in to a beige-walled, brown-carpeted room.

    Deal with it for the first few months and slowly change.

  • Monkey Business Images/Thinkstock
    Monkey Business Images/Thinkstock

    When You Go Food Shopping, You Need to Buy Adult Food

    You know, healthy food now.

    Olives. Tomatoes. Broccoli. Apples. Lettuce. Chicken. Bacon. And meal prep like your life depends on it, because it literally does.

    Sorry, you want pop tarts and waffles? Too expensive for your budget and not healthy to eat.

  • Jupiterimages/Thinkstock

    Gas, Cable, and Electricity are Heavily Monitored

    When you pay for it, everything changes. No more leaving the TV on, light on when your're not in the room, or your A/C running on the highest setting round the clock.

    Those days are O-V-E-R.

    Welcome to lights off when not in the room, TV not on all willy-nilly, A/C and heat only on when home and regulated., and running the water like you live in Atlantis.

  • gpointstudio/Thinkstock

    Cleaning is Now a Thing

    Nothing like feeling accomplished after a good cleaning and vacuuming only for your place to look exactly as it was before later on that night. The only thing to show for it too is a sore back.

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