New Jersey and cool small towns go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Or if you prefer, like crab cakes and tartar sauce.

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It's one of the things I think makes Jersey really unique, you have hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, just a short drive away from some really cool little towns.

One of the first little towns I ever visited in Jersey, which I'll never forget, was Allentown.

I ended up there after getting a little lost cruising through some backroads.

Photo by Eden Boudreau on Unsplash
Photo by Eden Boudreau on Unsplash

When I finally found my way back to the main road, I was in Allentown and immediately fell in love with its quaint charm.

I also can't talk about great small Jersey towns without mentioning Metuchen, Lambertville, or even Cape May for that matter.

There are just too many amazing small towns to list them all.

Recently, I saw that a national publication released its list of the best small towns across the United States.

There were a ton of cool little towns from all over the country on that list.

Our neighbors to the North in New York made the list, with the town of Hudson which looks like something out of a Hallmark Movie.

Photo by Tungsten Rising on Unsplash
Photo by Tungsten Rising on Unsplash

In Pennsylvania, the town of Jim Thorpe was named one of the coolest small towns in the country.

I've been there a few times when I was a kid to camp, and it really does have a lot of charm.

So, What New Jersey Town Made The List Of America's Best Small Towns?

With so many to choose from, you'd think a few would make the list, but that's not the case.

I may have to say something to whoever made this list because according to Only In Your State, not a single small town in NJ made the ranking!

Photo by Samantha Watkins on Unsplash
Photo by Samantha Watkins on Unsplash

You're seriously telling me that Asbury Park, Princeton, or Frenchtown don't belong on a list mentioning the best small towns in the country?

What's your favorite small Jersey town to visit? Let me know at

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