If you're looking for some really fun and unique art projects to stock up on for your kids to do during the summer months, you definitely might want to check out this local teacher's art kits.

Honestly, I want one of these for myself. They're not just limited to children, but when you typically think of paint-by-numbers kits, you usually associate them with children's art projects. I used to LOVE paint-by-numbers as a kid. I can't say I've ever gotten to paint a picture like the ones this Atlantic City art teacher has created, though.

You can order specialized paint-by-numbers kits that are themed after the legendary South Jersey shore town of Wildwood. The "ball sign," the tramcar, and even the Wildwood seagull are available for you to paint when you order the kit through Jordan Caplan. Ms. Caplan currently teaches art at Atlantic City High School, but also creates these beautiful works of art in her spare time and sells them on her personal website for purchase.

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After scrolling through her website, you can see that she also crafts kits for other shore towns, too. Ocean City seems to be a popular scene for her paint-by-numbers kits, too.

I've never seen anything like these kits before. Truth be told, you probably won't find another kit unique to this area like all of Caplan's are anywhere else. Let's get serious - once the second week of July comes around, you're going to be on the hunt for constructive projects your kids can do to pass the time.

There's plenty of shore town scenes to choose from. Happy painting!

Source: Facebook

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