Who knew there were so many bad movies out there, seriously!

Everyone loves going to the movies. The total experience is just something to be craved, at least for me. The smell of the popcorn, the melted butter, the comfy, reclining (if you're lucky) seats, it's all well worth the coin you drop.

That is until we get to the actual movie part. For the most part, we kind of know what we're getting ourselves into. I mean, if I see a preview for an upcoming film and I really want to see it, I will. I just don't go all willy-nilly and see a movie I have no interest in.

But with that being said, sometimes we go see a movie that we want to see and things just don't turn out all that well. The movie is horrible and sometimes when it's really bad you just get up and leave mid-movie. You don't even care about the money you wasted. Well you kinda do...

Like 'The Room' (2003), IMDb

So with that said, I threw up a Facebook post asking this exact question, and the results were very interesting. Some movies you say are ones that I actually really like, which leads me to ask why you hated it.

So let's see what the worst movie you've paid to see, according to South Jersey.

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