S E R E N I T Y    N O W !

How is this possible. It's been 20 years yesterday since the 'Seinfeld' finale aired on May 14th, 1998, and I don't know how to feel about it. Maybe sadness because 20 years is a long time, or anger since it wasn't one of the MANY '90s shows to be rebooted in the last few years.

Seriously, do we really need 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch,' 'Party of Five,' or 'Murphy Brown'? How come the "show about nothing" hasn't been in the reboot conversation?

Well while I hold out for some hope, I thought we should take a trip back down memory lane and look 'Seinfeld's' best episodes/moments, while I eat some of these Junior Mints I found around the studio...


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    "The Contest"

    Season 4, Episode 11

    We start our classic rundown with this season 4 gem, "The Contest." Here we find my biological father George tell the gang that his mother caught him, you know, that, and fell and hurt her back. The end result of this conversation ended with Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine entering a contest to find out who can go the longest without, you know.

    At the time the episode was deemed controversial because NBC thought that, you know what act, was not a suitable topic for a prime time episode. This lead to whole slew of euphemisms being used instead, which resulted in an Emmy win for creator Larry David on this episode.

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    "The Hamptons"

    Season 5, Episode 20

    If you take one thing away from this episode, it is the now-famous term 'shrinkage.'

    While in the Hamptons, George is seen naked by Jerry's girlfriend who lets out a little chuckle followed by an apology, but the kind that makes you feel super embarrassed afterwards. This urges George to drop the now famous "I was in the pool!" line and claiming he was a victim of shrinkage, which is a real thing uttered by men around the country.

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    "The Soup Nazi"

    Season 7, Episode 6

    If you thought for a second that Yev Kassem, aka The Soup Nazi, was not going to be on this list then you're crazy.

    Probably one of, if not, the most famous side character to ever come out of 'Seinfeld,' The Soup Nazi strikes fear into the hearts of Jerry, George, and Newman. Meanwhile Elaine does not seem phased by his tough act and Stalin-like mustache, even going as far as tapping the glass and acting very relaxed around him.

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    'The Strike"

    Season 9, Episode 10

    They saved the best for last. The finale season gave us the gift that keeps on giving, literally. Since "The Strike," Festivus has become a cultural phenomenon. Even me and my group of friends celebrate Festivus (yes, we have an aluminum pole too). This episode also introduced us to 'The Human Fund,' which has been elevated to meme status.

    At the same time we find out that Kramer actually held a job at one point in his life. After 12 years on strike, Kramer get the call to come back to work at H&H Bagel.

    So many memorable moments and one-liners from "The Strike," it's one of my personal favorites.

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