Just over two years ago, Raceway Park in Englishtown put a stop to drag racing. We haven't gotten an update on Wall Stadium's situation in a while (I know that's an oval track, not a dragstrip), and now, the racing future of Atco Dragway in Atco is in doubt.

According to DragZine, a meeting of the Pinelands Commission last month involved discussion about "repurposing" the dragway. The meeting minutes mention commission members referring to a "contract purchaser" and added that "the purchaser wants to change the use of the raceway into an automobile storage and auction facility. They would use almost exclusively the existing developed portions of the raceway." An interesting fact DragZine also mentions is that the purchaser was supposed to provide an application for proposed changes by "early June", but this news seems to have broken in just a past couple days. The timeline seems a bit hazy as to whether or not the dragway has officially been sold, or if the sale is still pending, or what.

Atco Dragway has not made an official comment, on their site or Facebook. I understand that due to legal reasons they may not be able to confirm or deny rumors of being sold, but it's kind of curious to me that the last two posts they've made to Facebook make it appear like business is going on as usual. Nearly every comment on those posts is from people asking for more information, but none are getting replies from Atco.

My brother-in-law used to race at Englishtown, and I have a couple friends who still like to race at Atco. If Atco follows Englishtown's lead and closes down racing operations, Island Dragway will be the last drag strip in the state.

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