A student at Winslow Twp. High School pressed record on his phone when his teacher began cursing at his class. Then, he was suspended.

The educator, who has not been publicly identified, reportedly got caught hurling profanity, including several F-bombs, at her students.

She can be heard in the clip below saying, "Knock it the f*** out. Cause you do not go around behaving like this in front of your parents. Don't do it in front of me either. Period."

The teacher's language gets more heated as she's recorded saying, "So do I have any questions about my motherf***ing rules?"

The teacher was obviously fed up with how her class was behaving, but it was what happened next that shocked me.

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After 16-year-old Jai Wright played the audio he recorded for his parents, they reportedly contacted the school seeking answers. Jai was then brought into the assistant principal's office, according to NJ.com, where he was first compelled to delete the voice memo before he was then suspended.

Although Pastor David and Geneatha Wright say Winslow Twp. High School Principal Kurtis Marella never offered a reason for Jai's four-day suspension, they believe it was retaliation for having recorded his teacher, outing her 2-minute tirade.

Jai reportedly told his parents it wasn't the first time this particular teacher cursed out her students, and that's why he chose to record her.

So far, there have been no consequences for that teacher, NJ.com reports, but The Wrights all calling for her to be fired.

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