Thanks to a stranger's kindness, a local soldier gets to spend the holidays with his family in South Jersey.

The holidays are a time for families and friends to come together and enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, military families don't always have this opportunity.

Now, thanks to a secret santa, Lori Freni of Atco gets to spend the holidays with her son Austin, who is preparing for a deployment to the Middle East.

Austin is part of the US Army Infantry at Fort Benning in Georgia, and already missed Thanksgiving due to lack of funds. But Lori was determined to have her son home for the holidays, reportedly ready to sell her things.

Lori set up a GoFundMe Page to raise money for Austin's plane ticket home, instead.

Upon seeing the page, Good Samaritan Jennifer Richardson felt for the family and bought the plane ticket for Austin! Mind you she has never met the family before.

Jennifer says, ""My brother was in the Marines, and I watched my mother during the holidays not know if he was coming home so, this is personal to me." (Fox29 News)

Lori and the family could not be more over-joyed, watch the touching video from Fox 29 below:

Source: Fox29 News

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