Am I right or am I right?

But every now and then sometimes coworkers will do something that will leave you either confused, angry, suspicious, apprehensive, or anything else that I'm not listing. They don't mean it, sometimes they don't even know they are even doing it. (I'll write a blog about airheads another time, lol).

What's your biggest office pet peeve? Let us know in the comment box below!

But with that being said, let's rattle off some of the most annoying things that coworkers do around the office, starting with...


  • Elnur Amikishiyev/Thinkstock
    Elnur Amikishiyev/Thinkstock

    They Leave the Seat Up (or Down)

    This is a classic. You are not the only one that works here, so stop acting like it when it comes to the bathroom!!!

    Oh, and while we are at it...A COURTESY FLUSH GOES A LONG WAY WHEN IT COMES TO SMELLS!!!

  • akdemirhk/Thinkstock

    They Eat Your Food/Don't Clean Out The Fridge

    I don't know what's more annoying. Flip a coin. Always follow the 'If a name is on it, stay away from it' rule. And of course, for the love of all that is good, clean out your expired food. I don't want to see Ketchup or old sandwiches from the Clinton Administration all the way in the back!

  • Pavel Potapov/Thinkstock
    Pavel Potapov/Thinkstock

    They Think They Did Something But Really Didn't

    "Say Emily, did you get my email?"

    "No Karen, I didn't. Just checked."

    "Oh are you sure? I cc'd you on it. It is very important."

    "Yes Karen, I thoroughly check my emails and did not get anything."

    "Well I sent it. Go see Nick about the email. We'll talk later."


    ...but maybe you didn't...

  • Gary Radler/Thinkstock
    Gary Radler/Thinkstock

    When They Try to Throw You Under the Bus

    Even when you had no involvement in whatever work they were doing somehow your name gets dragged through the mud, under the bus, and over the cliff.

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