I dare you to argue with me on this.

I can proudly say that I have lived in South Jersey now for a solid 4 months (some of you may be laughing at that). And with that I've learned quite a few things so far.

Take for example, what I call "Italian Ice" like Rita's is what you called "water ice." Still can't get over that, just sounds sooo dirty. Like what is "water ice?" I think of a leaky outdoor pipe in the winter dripping water into muddy grass and the top layer of the puddle is somewhat frozen. THAT is water ice.


What I really wanted to get to was commuting. Everyone does it, no matter where you live. It is a part of life. I absolutely hate it, and I'm sure you do too (and if you don't, you need to be evaluated mentally). And the road that I have deemed my arch enemy is none other than the Black Horse Pike, specifically from Mays Landing to Northfield.

Doesn't matter the day, or time you are always running into some kind of traffic. Lately it's been construction traffic, and that is the highest level of annoying. People just seem to forget how to merge whenever they see orange cones or those LED signs up ahead.

Google Maps

Need a reminder? The car in the left (or right) lane moves up first, then the first car up in the opposite lane merges into the same lane, and repeat the process. Don't be that car that tries to squeeze two cars ahead of one.


Google Maps

And good luck if you want to try getting onto Tilton Road from the B.E.P., you'll at least be sitting at one of, if not both, of those lights for at least 10 minutes.

Google Maps

Whatever you do, try to avoid the Black Horse Pike in the afternoon or evening near the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing. If not, be prepared and have a ton of ibuprofen on hand.

Do you agree with me? You should.

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