So this holiday-induced four-day workweek has got me thinking.

And I pretty much have these same thoughts after every holiday gives us some time off but now I am wondering if the workweek and weekend setup should be adjusted in New Jersey.


I would be totally okay with a 4-day work week and a 3-day weekend.

I bet you that the extra day off will have New Jersey workers returning much more refreshed and ready to start the new week.

And it is not even a bet. Workweeks are shorter in other places across the country and it is proving too much a much more successful schedule.

How do I know? Because the places with the best work/life balance are at the top of the list as the most productive places in the world.

So according to, here are the top five most productive countries and their average workweek hours:

1. Luxembourg - 29-Hours Work Week - Big on work-life balance; Workers receive a minimum of 5 weeks paid vacation per year.

2. Norway - 27-Hour Work Week - Topped the World Happiness Report last year; Studies show they are twice as happy as the UK and Israel.

3. Switzerland - 30-Hour Work Week - One of the fittest countries in Europe; Consistently tops the World Happiness Report.

4. Denmark - 33-Hour Work Week - Overtime is frowned upon; Work ends at 4 PM.

5. Iceland - 40-Hour Work Week - Jumped 10 spots to 5th most product in the world from 2016 to 2017; Ranks well in quality-of-life and 'women-friendly' work environment.

Now surprisingly enough, the United States ranks as the 6th most productive country in the world.

We are definitely the rare exception of how working long hours pays off monetarily. But then again, who is it monetarily benefiting? Something to think about...

Take a look at Colombia. On average, their residents work a 47.7-Hour Work Week (YOWZA!) and they are ranked in LAST PLACE for work-life balance. They have little time to themselves and as a result, are one of the least productive countries in the entire world.

It makes sense. Think about when you feel burned out and are desperate for a break.

It's kind of like you are just going through the motions just to get through each day.

I personally don't want to live like that. I want each article, each break on air and everything else I create to be made with purpose, and 47 hour work weeks is not how we are going to make that happen.

So, having four day work weeks in New Jersey.....What do you think?

Take a look at the articles that I based the above statistics on HERE and HERE.

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