The spot where One World Trade Center is today has once again laid claim to being the New York City's tallest skyscraper.  Freedom Tower officially reached 1,250 feet this afternoon to now stand taller than the Empire State Building.

Anyone in NJ who has visited what was Ground Zero and has seen the tower knows that this is an important day in the development of this area.   By next year the Freedom Tower is expected to reach its final height by become the tallest building in America, taking the title away from The Willis Tower in Chicago (the former Sears Tower stands 1,729 feet at its apex).

What is left for the workers of the Freedom Tower is the addiction of more floors to this skyscraper - the final count will be 104 floors to the building that will hit 1,776 feet when finished.  Topping the Freedom Tower to reach its record height is a 408-foot-tall needle that will be perched permanently on the roof.

There is no animosity from the Empire State Building as its operators offered a congratulatory note to the press, stating "we've watched you grow, and now we salute you".

We all know the tragedy that struck on 9/11, and just about all of us in The Garden State has been affected by this event in one way, shape or form.  There is something sad and special with what is happening in NYC around the area of the Freedom Tower.  A trek to this Manhattan monument should be in your plans sometime soon.