The latest sensation on YouTube has one man's obsession of creating videos of songs you know with a unique twist visually and sonically.  Meet the Mystery Guitar Man!

His videos have seen over 310 Million views collectively, and have eclipsed 2.1 Million subscribers to YouTube Page.  One of the keys to his craft is that his guitar is the star - he is playing his 6-string to songs while the video creations has seen creativity like the classic 80s song "867-5309 (Jenny)" reworked into a video with 10,000 guitar picks (pretty cool!)

Every Thursday the Mystery Guitar Man is offering a new selection - this week he takes "We Are Young" by Fun, connects images from 4 mobile phones that go with the lyrics and this week you have a Video Puzzle.

The Mystery Guitar Man has 178 videos for your watching pleasure.  The man has a creative mind, and these creations have to be somewhat time consuming, so you have to wonder if our friend here has a real job.