Google has paid tribute today to the birth of the Drive-In Theater which began here in New Jersey.  79 years later, the Drive-In still lives on in Vineland.

Back in 1933 history was made this day in the Camden area.  Just to the north is where Richard Hollingshead brought the concept of a Drive-In Theater to life.  The concept here was to take a huge outdoor screen, have a projection booth, a concession stand for snacks and such, and a large parking area for cars to watch your movie from.  79 years ago it costs 25 cents per car plus 25 cents per person to get in.

We have seen over the years most Drive-Ins disappear from existence.  Fact it that there are less than 400 theaters of this kind standing in the U.S., and South Jersey still has a spot for this wonderful retro experience.

The Delsea Drive-In Theater was a big part of the Vineland area for many years until 1987 when it closed.  The theater was reborn 2004 on South Delsea Drive, and is the only Drive-In standing in the state of N.J.

Delsea Drive-In truly hybrids the nostalgia factor of the outdoor theater on an open lot with today's technologies and healthier food options.  Delsea's business has been built on the concessions.  The theater's web site explains that the concessions covers the operating expenses of this business, and explains "if you eat here, we'll be here!"

Delsea Drive-In is offering 2 double features this weekend - Madagascar 3 with What to Expect When You Are Expecting on Screen One, and Men In Black 3 with Snow White and The Huntsman on Screen Two.  Prices are incredibly reasonable - $9 for adults, $4 for kids 4-11, and Free for those 3 and under.  2 movies for those prices is a steal, and you could bring your own food but there is a $9 fee for that (only fair if you are not going to their concessions).

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