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There are a few things in New Jersey you just don't mess with, one of those being pork roll. Yes, we say pork roll NOT Taylor ham. That needed to be said before we can get into the fun stuff.
If you type "pork roll" into the Amazon search bar, you get a wide variety of products. Shockingly, there are a ton of pork roll t-shirt available. Honestly, a pork roll t-shirt is a perfect gift for the person in your life who has everything. Who doesn't want a pork roll tee? No one, that's who. Here are the 6 best pork roll t-shirts on Amazon.
  • Delicious New Jersey via
    Delicious New Jersey via

    Vintage New Jersey Pork Roll Shirt

    Yes, pork roll is authentic and yes, pork roll is the highest quality. Check it out HERE.

  • Dirty Jersey Apparel via
    Dirty Jersey Apparel via

    Eat More Pork Roll Shirt

    This minimalist pork roll tee tells it how it is and gives very clear instructions. It's simple, eat more pork roll. Get the shirt HERE.

  • indokyeyqaz via
    indokyeyqaz via

    Pork Roll Egg Cheese Shirt

    This shirt gives off Pac-Man vibes. If you or someone you know loves vintage games and pork roll, this is the ideal shirt. Get the shirt HERE.

  • Garden State Style via
    Garden State Style via

    It's a Jersey Thing Shirt

    Is there anything more "Jersey" than pork roll? No? Didn't think so. Get the shirt for yourself HERE.

  • Garden State Style via
    Garden State Style via

    It's a Jersey Thing Long Sleeve Shirt

    If you want the same shirt, but with long sleeve, they have that too. Check out the long sleeve version of the shirt HERE.

  • Jersey Dirt Threads & Merch via
    Jersey Dirt Threads & Merch via

    Taylor Ham Shirt

    The only reason you should buy this shirt is to burn it. Get the fire starter HERE.

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