I am a Target fanatic. Phew, I'm so happy I got that off my chest. I swear by Target products, finding that some of them are better than their name brand counterpart. The majority of my closet it filled with clothes from Target and my kitchen is stocked with Target kitchen gadgets and food. I think Target is time locked, the rules of time do not apply.

As a Target expert I feel like I have to knowledge and authority to tell you which products from the store you should always have at home.

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  • 1

    Toasted Cinnamon Squares Breakfast Cereal

    I will go on record by saying this store brand cereal is WAY better than Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

  • 2

    Original Seasoning Blend

    I spend the majority of my free time cooking and this is my go-to seasoning blend. I put this stuff on everything, it's especially amazing on burgers.

  • 3

    Adhesive Strapless, Backless Bra

    Ignore the reviews on the website for this one because I have never found a sticky bra that works as great as this one. Granted, I'm a C cup so that may effect how it works on me. A lot of the negative reviews are from women who are a little bit more blessed in the chest. I have worn this out dancing, sweating my butt off and it does not budge. 10/10 would recommend.

  • 4

    Teriyaki Beef Strips

    These used to be sold on skewers and my family loved them. The flavor is spot on and they are easy/quick to cook for dinner.

  • 5

    Flavored Sparkling Water

    I love flavored sparkling water, but sometimes it seems a bit over priced. Target's new brand Good & Gather, replacing Simple Balanced, has a wide variety of flavors and they are all delicious. There is a ginger peach flavor that I soak pork chops in.

  • 6

    Disposable Razors

    I went through many years where I refused to buy an actual regular razor and only used disposable razors. Target's 5-blade disposable razors are the bee's knees.

  • 7

    Spinach and Goat Cheese Pizza

    My aversion to most frozen pizzas is that the crust is way too thick. Archer Farms' pizza has a very thin crispy crust and come with a variety of toppings. However, the one that trumps them all is the spinach and goat cheese topped pizza.

  • 8

    Chocolate Protein Powder

    I don't like 95% of protein powders out there. The after taste they leave you with is awful and artificial tasting. When I used to attempt to workout and be healthy I would make a shake with this powder.

  • 9


    Most people by now know that if a medicine says "compare to [insert brand name here]," that means it's the same formula as the brand name. Why spend the extra money on Extra Strength Tylenol when you can get 500 caplets for under $6.00?

  • 10

    Levi Jeans

    Levis are on the pricey side, but they have a line at Target that are super comfortable. I'm over the skinny jean trend, these boot cut jeans are very comfortable and makes your butt look good.

  • 11

    Butter Chicken Sauce

    I have tried out so many different butter chicken simmer sauces, as well as other curry based simmer sauces. Simply Balanced has the best ones out there for a great price.

  • 12

    Plastic Containers

    Plastic food storage containers are like socks, you are constantly losing lids and bottoms. I hate spending a lot on these because I know they're only going to go missing anyway. These are less than $5.00 for 12 containers, count me in.

  • 13

    Shaving Cream

    I absolutely refuse to spend a lot on shaving cream. I have used some that are on the pricey side and they weren't anything to write home about.

  • 14

    Sheet Set

    I have Threshold sheets and pillow cases on my bed, they are soft and crisp. It's an added bonus that they aren't breaking the bank.

  • 15


    I refuse to spend $30 on a candle. Snugly Sweater by Chesapeake Bay Candles is my favorite scent ever, even compared to other candle companies.

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