She wears Maternity Clothes on "Fat Days"
Listener Robin wears her old MATERNITY CLOTHES on her "fat days" to stay comfy.
However; Robin says that her friends give her a really hard time about it.
Robin says she still wears her old maternity clothes because they were expensive, they're cute and very comfortable...
What Your Clothes Reveal About You
keeeeegan/flickr Let me be clear, writing this blog did not make
me re-do my entire closet, but it did make me think.
Take this  short quiz to discover what your wardrobe reveals:
What should guys NOT wear in South Jersey?
The girl next to me is my neighbor Charlie, and she makes fun of me,  unmercifully, all the time.  On a Saturday night in Atlantic City, I wore the sweater you see in this picture.  She accused me of wearing a Bill Cosby-Lumberjack sweater...