One of the Halloween season's most anticipated events is Witch Craft Beer Festival happening on October 19th at Lake Lenape in Mays Landing.

Witch Craft is sure to be a mystical encounter with broos and spirits, professional pumpkin carving and a Silent Disco, plus much more.

Here are the five people you'll likely run into that night:

  • IndigoLT/thinkstock

    The Halloween Costume Junkie

    We all have that one friend that takes Halloween, and their costume, super seriously. There are bound to be some really over-the-top costumes at Witch Craft.

  • Ljupco/thinkstock

    The 'I'm Just Here for the Beer' Fan

    This person won't come in costume at all.

  • WW5/thinkstock

    The Greedy Guzzler

    This person goes back to the same craft beer vendor over and over again.

  • DAJ/thinkstock

    The 'Great Minds Think Alike' Group

    They'll come together, probably dressed in them, like Gilligan's Island, or the cast of Friends.

  • Jupiterimages/thinkstock

    The DD

    Ah, yes. This is the person who will sacrifice themselves to make sure their buds have a safe ride home.