Crystal Brook has great memories of the little lighthouse at Lenape Park in Mays Landing. She recalls going to the park on a field trip with her class from William Davies School.

A lot of people have memories of that little lighthouse.

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Here's a quote from the website:

Images of the Lighthouse can be seen on Municipal, County, and commercial publications. The Lighthouse has been the backdrop of thousands of church picnics. It has been an eye-catching reminder for thousands of Casino employees who enjoyed the recreational facilities of Lake Lenape Park, as well as the destination of hundreds of many small businesses who would have employee picnics throughout the years. The lighthouse is a point of reference for boaters who use the lake for their recreation. The landmark is a part of area high school rowing regattas. Its location on the scenic Great Egg Harbor River has been the destination of thousands or couples who were either married there, or used it as the backdrop for their wedding pictures.

(In case you were wondering, we're not talking about "The Lighthouse at Mays Landing", the former name of the treatment center now known as "Recover Centers of America at Lighthouse.)

The Lake Lenape Lighthouse was never really a working lighthouse (Lake Lenape isn't that big!) in the traditional sense, but it's been a part of Mays Landing history since it was finished in 1943.

Courtesy of Crystal Brook
Courtesy of Crystal Brook

Many people know the lighthouse as "the singing tower", as music would be played from speakers mounted near the top of the structure.  Eventually, people complained (Thanks, Karen!) and the powers that be put a stop to the summer evening tradition.

Today, the Lighthouse is in danger of falling down, falling apart, deteriorating - and and/or all of the above.

Several years ago, a group started a "Friends of the Lighthouse" effort to raise money to help save and preserve the landmark. Their website doesn't appear to have been updated in quite some time.  I've attempted to reach out to the contact email listed on the site, but I've received no response.

A GoFundMe page was started for the saving effort, but it looks like it died after raising just $245.

There is a "Friends of the Lenape Lighthouse" group on Facebook, but again, I've had no luck getting a response from the moderator.

So, what's happening? No one seems to know, and those who might know have yet to respond.

Crystal Brook cares, and so do a number of other folks. They've already expressed interest in "doing something" to help save the lighthouse. If you're interested in helping the cause, Crystal can be reached at She's willing to do what she can, and says, "I need to to make sure that the iconic Little Lighthouse on Lake Lenape doesn't disappear."

Personally, I'd be willing to help spread the word if a definite effort to raise/repair gets up and running.

It's your history Mays Landing and Atlantic County, what are you going to do about it?

SOURCE:  Friends of the Lighthouse

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