With the help of ladies in South Jersey, we've come up with a list of the top ten things South Jersey GROWN MEN should NEVER wear.

Get ready for the truth bomb, fellas...

  • 1

    Flat brim ball caps

    You look like you're 12 years old. You aren't 12 years old.

  • 2

    Chin-strap facial hair

    If you're going to grow a beard, grow a real beard.

  • 3

    Over-sized pro sports jerseys

    If you aren't actually on the team, you shouldn't be wearing it.

  • 4

    Ed Hardy...ANYTHING

  • 5

    Anything with flames on it

  • 6

    Cargo pants

    ...or even worse...cargo SHORTS.

  • 7


  • 8

    T-shirts with beer logos on them

  • 9


  • 10

    Anything with a huge Abercrombie & Fitch logo on it

    Your alarm clock just went off and it's not 1998 anymore.

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