Love Italian? Check Out This Bargain!
I love Josephine's Pizzeria on W. New York Rd. in Somers Point.  They do amazing pizza, but their pasta dishes are to die for and taste soooo homemade, because they are!  And now you can taste it for less than $10!
Tech Geeks Will Love This Bag
This is absolutely THE messenger bag I've been searching for to give to my husband on his birthday.  He travels with his iPad, iPhone, and netbook on a daily basis and often needs to recharge.  This satchel takes care of all that, and best of all you can get one on sale now for the te…
Send the Kids to Summer Camp for a Steal!
The Summer of SoJO is just around the corner!  And that means more time with the kids.  Which could be a good thing and a bad thing.  Why not plan to give yourself a break for a week, and give them a whole lot of fun!  How about a summer camp deal too good to pass up?