Teachers, by and large, have to pay out of their own pockets to stock their classrooms with supplies for the school year. One large retailer is offering to cut that cost a little bit.

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First of all, I personally think it's crazy that teachers have to purchase their own school supplies. Maybe I'm obtuse and I just didn't realize going through school that was the case. I never really thought to ask because I just assumed the school district provided the teachers with the pencils, erasers, etc. that got passed on to me.

But, now that I'm grown and have several teacher friends, I was shocked to hear about the financial burden that's placed on them just to make sure their students have what they need to learn throughout the school year.

So, kudos to Target for offering teachers in South Jersey and elsewhere a 15 percent discount on select classroom essentials as part of their Teacher Prep program, according to 6abc.com.

It's reportedly the fourth straight year Target's kept its Teacher Prep event going, extending a slight unburdening of educator wallets.

The discount is a limited time offer, though, available only through Saturday, July 31st.

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Back-to-school season is nearly upon us. We'd like to take this time to thank all the teachers in South Jersey who go above and beyond to make learning fun, even if they don't get as much financial assistance (or compensation) as they should.

As a teacher, what would you say your biggest expense is when stocking your classroom with supplies? Let us know in the comment box below.

SOURCES: 6abcactionnews/Instagram

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