Many people have a spring/summer and fall/winter wardrobe. Unless you are someone like me, who refuses to accept summer is over and tries to wear as much of her summer wardrobe as possible all year long. However if you are the former, you may be running into that time of year where you have to make the difficult decision. When is the right time to switch out your wardrobe? We have hit that time of year where it is cooler in the evenings and can still hit 80 during the day.

As someone who does not switch out their wardrobe, I have no idea when the right time is to switch. Now that it is officially fall, do you switch now? Is it still too warm to switch? Do you have a grace period where both wardrobes reside in your closet? Do you keep a few summer essentials in your closet?

When I was a kid, we used to do the wardrobe switch out. However, I was not in charge of this particular task and can't remember contributing much to it. Once I got old enough to take on this seasonal change out, I stopped doing it completely. So now I spend my Saturday nights contemplating life's biggest questions, such as when to switch your wardrobes out, and writing about it.

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