7 Winter Skincare Must-Haves
Winter is rough on your skin. The constant switch between cold air outside and dry heat inside can be torture on your face. Our list is full of items that will help keep your skin happy through these harsh months.
5 Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Beauty Regimen
Now that it's October, pumpkin season is back in full swing! Pumpkins are one of the most versatile fruits (yes, they're technically fruits), in the food family. We know that they're great for food recipes, fall decor, and Halloween crafts. But here's somethin…
The Secret Behind the Best Haircut For you
I've always been the kind of girl to constantly change my hair. I've had it short, bobbed, long, black, red, brunette, blonder and the infamous ombré. For whatever reason, I've had this sudden urge to cut my hair short again, but this time...

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