Poo-Pourri is this hilarious but useful new product every woman must have in her bag when she is out and about. Because as you know, "girl's don't poop."

I was doing my usual Ulta beauty run to purchase a new foundation a few weeks ago when I noticed this spray bottle in the (what I like to call) goodies area of Ulta. Usually, this is the perfect place to purchase samples of makeup without buying the product to test to see if you like it.

Right next to Benefit's gel liner, I notice this spray that reads "Poo-Pourri" and thought 'this cannot be real.' When I read the details, Poo-Pourri is a natural bathroom spray deodorizer with essential oils like Bergamot, Lemongrass and Grapefruit.

Now, how does Poo-Pourri work? You spritz the toilet seat before you go and allow the oils trap the odor at the source leaving no foul smell.

This product is absolutely brilliant! I've always had reservations about doing number two in the office or if I am at a party and really had to go. So, as silly as it is it can really come in handy to save yourself from that awkward situation. And there are so many scents with cute names like: "Poo La La," "NO. 2," and "Deja Poo." How could you not love a product with a sense of humor?

Poo-Pourri sells for $9.99 per 2 oz. bottle and you can find it either at Ulta like I did or any drug or beauty store. For more information about Poo-Pourri visit their website here.

Let me know how it works for you!

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