If you are a makeup wearing person such as myself, you'll be freaked to know there are major consequences to not cleaning it off...like tiny eyelash mites!

Okay, now you can panic just a little bit.

According to Cosmopolitan, these tiny eyelash mites called Demodex love to burrow into your lash line and call it home. Demodex is microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. Even worse, they stick around for 3 weeks feeding on your hair follicles and lay eggs. EEEEK.

Take a second and see how they look here and then come back.

Back? Skived out yet? Because the women in my office are!

These little pests find their way whenever you forget to properly remove your makeup and face. Some symptoms that you may be hosting them are:

  • itchy eyelashes in the morning
  • dandruff flakes
  • blurred vision
  • redness
  • feeling like 'you have something in your eye'

Bustle suggests the best way to remove these mites is to regularly wash your face and/or even go makeup free.

The last thing I suggest is NOT googling what these mites look like. I made this mistake and now feel the need to check my eyelashes tomorrow morning.

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