A new survey has determined the best ice cream in each of the 50 United States. It's pick for New Jersey is a shop that definitely keeps things interesting.

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Not gonna lie, we're a little disappointed that the Garden State ice cream spot that got Food & Wine's attention isn't here in South Jersey, but it's definitely a place worth a road trip to try.

Food & Wine says their summer collection hope to step beyond the ordinary when it comes to ice cream, by reflecting the 'the diversity and depth of our national ice cream culture'.

And that lead to The Bent Spoon in Princeton earning the survey's spotlight for New Jersey. If you feel like you've heard about The Bent Spoon before, it's because we just wrote a story about them a few weeks ago about their Cicada Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (that The Bent Spoon could barely keep in stock, by the way).




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Of The Bent Spoon, Food & Wine writes, 'The ace up their sleeve -- flavors, lots of them, and very unique ones, the kind you don't find at your average soft-serve window (not that there's anything average about a good New Jersey soft-serve ice cream). Garam masala, cardamom ginger, avocado lemon -- the shop rotates through a list of hundreds of flavors, every single one worth a try.'

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Food & Wine's pick for Pennsylvania is a classic hundreds of years old: Bassett's Ice Cream in the historic Reading Terminal Market.

As for Delaware, the honors went to Woodside Farm Creamery.

This time of year, I prefer the single flavor, Jersey Fresh offerings from South Jersey ice cream shops like Royale Crown in Hammonton. But with flavors like Chocolate Rosemary and Lemon Thyme, I think I'm long overdue for a venture up to The Bent Spoon in Princeton.

The Bent Spoon is located at 35 Palmer Square in Princeton.

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