Chris Huch of West Creek took to the waves yesterday in Harvey Cedars and was greeted by a very slushy ocean.

We had a very cold weekend this past weekend here in South Jersey which caused many waterways to freeze. Videos have been popping up of people walking on the ice on the bay, ocean, inlets, lakes, rivers, and any other icy water way.

South Jersey native and surfer, Chris Huch, didn't let the cold stop him from catching some waves in Harvey Cedars.

The ocean in that part of South Jersey did not completely freeze, but it did remind him of a Slurpee from 7-Eleven.

In his post on Facebook Chris said:

The ocean was a bit chilly today. Slush and ice chunks pushed against the beach by a small swell made for a neat experience. Caught a few waves on the outside but spent more time having fun in the [Slurpee shore break].

Huch shared his video on his Facebook page documenting the surf:

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