We are proud to announce this year's South Jersey's Favorite Teacher 2019. Before we do that, we just want to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to nominate all of the wonderful teachers we have here in South Jersey. A good teacher can make an enormous difference in the future of a child. I have favorite teachers that I am still in contact with as an adult and I can affirmatively say that they made a major impact on my life.

We had so many nominations with amazing stories written by those nominating the teachers. However, we can only have one winner. To determine the "winner" we looked at the number of nominations. All of the stories and reasons for the teachers' nominations were all so great, we could not go by that.

The 2019 South Jersey's Favorite Teacher is...

Mrs. Boysen of The Charles L. Spragg Elementary School in Egg Harbor City.

Mrs. Boysen is a second grade special needs teacher at the school.

For each entry we asked the ones who nominated to tell us why they are nominating. This is what two of Mrs. Boysen's nominations said:

...She was my daughters second grade teacher almost five years ago but still checks on my daughter from time to time. My daughter loves her still to this day that’s how much of an impact she has made in her life...One year one of her students told her how she couldn’t brush her teeth at home since she didn’t have any brush at home so Bianca got that little girl a sent of tooth paste mouth wash and all and told her you come here every morning and take care of your teeth here no one will know before class...[She] always goes above or beyond for her kids you need a coat you need a book bag I got you. That’s what our kids need more of in this day and age. Someone who isn’t just working for a paycheck! Make an impact on our kids do they always remember.

Another said:

Mrs Boysen is always going out of her way to purchase extra things for her students out of her own pocket. Mrs. Boysen, started an club "Homework Club" for homework at her school. A non paying job. Just her time, and her love for teaching. On another occasion, her district could not afford to buy Chrome Books for her students, so they can practice their basic computer and keyboarding skills in her classroom. Mrs. Boysen was able to get a donation...There is nothing she would not do for her students.

Thank you Mrs. Boysen for all that you do for your students.

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