Some colleges give new students a welcoming gift with things they need to survive the years they will be there. Think of this as the ultimate South Jersey pride survival kit. These things may not be necessary for survival, but they are necessary to show your South Jersey pride.

  • 1

    Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas

    This, of course, is for the Jersey Girls out there. Every Jersey Girl needs something that says the now iconic line "Jersey Girls don't pump gas."

    Check out this license plate frame here.

    CarSignShop via Etsy
  • 2

    Pork Roll

    Let's be honest there was no way pork roll wouldn't make it on this list.

    Affordable Grocery via Amazon
  • 3

    Eagles Jersey

    South Jersey bleeds green for the Eagles.

    Nike via Amazon
  • 4

    Beach Badge

    Once summer hits you better make sure you have your beach badge to take advantage of summers in South Jersey.

    anteekseller via eBay
  • 5

    This Mug