Organizations are teaming together to educate South Jersey seniors in using Uber as a new way of transportation.

Sometimes with bus schedules or the inability to drive, it's difficult for senior citizens to get around places. Because of this, Katz JCC, Children’s Family and Jewish Services, and the Jewish Senior Housing have come up with an idea called: S-Uber.

S-Uber is a way to introduce Uber to residents 60-years-old or older. The plan is for seniors to feel comfortable using the transportation app for their travel needs. It's not only more affordable but it caters to their needs.

As an Uber user, I'll admit this app is so convenient and accessible! With the tap of a button, a driver is there at your door. There's even an option to "pool," which offers a lower price for Uber users since you're traveling with other passengers.

So, if you're a resident in need of transportation, or perhaps it's your loved one, check out S-Uber. It's worth it!

I hope these residents take advantage and switch over!






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