Summer heat is beginning to set in and Camden County, New Jersey wants to make sure its senior and elderly residents are able to stay cool.

Camden County, NJ Wants to Help Older Residents Stay Cool This Summer

Keeping Seniors Cool with Fan
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County officials announced this week that they'd be offering a select number of residents in need to receive free air conditioning units to offset the hotter weather.

Temperatures this week reached into the upper 80s and low 90s in the region with no sign of relief in the coming days. Factoring the heat and humidity it made conditions feels close to 100 degrees.

In a statement, Camden County Commissioner Virginia Betteridge said, "These types of conditions can cause heat related illnesses in senior citizens and other vulnerable populations."

Excessive heat increases the risk of seniors becoming ill, especially if they have pre-existing conditions and especially if they have no means of cooling off.

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How Senior Residents of Camden County, NJ Can Get a Free Air Conditioner

Free AC Window Unit
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To protect the county's seniors meeting certain criteria, a window A/C unit or fan can be made available to them at no cost, reports.

Residents of Camden County, NJ ages 60 and over in an income bracket of $25,000 or less are eligible to receive one of the county's free A/C window-units or fans.

If you or someone you know needs to take advantage of the offer, you may call the Camden County Division of Senior Services for further details at 856-858-3220 or by visiting

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