Starbucks has made headlines quite a few times for their "secret menu" items. Some Starbucks locations come up with their own concoctions that are "exclusive" to that location only. South Jersey is home to one of these exclusive drinks. The Starbucks location on Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township has their own frappuccino called How the Frinch Stole Christmas. Get it? Frappuccino + Grinch = Frinch.

This drink looks festive and includes the new juniper syrup used in their juniper lattes. The base of this drink is their green tea frappuccino and includes the juniper syrup, whipped cream, and their holiday sprinkles. If you don't have this exclusive drink at your local Starbucks, you can order it quite easily! Just ask for a green tea frappuccino with juniper syrup.

Heather and I got our hands on this secret menu drink to let you know if it's worth your money. While I could just tell you right here, I'd rather you experience it for yourself by watching the video.


Watch it here:

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