The director of Rowan Medicine's NeuroMusculoskeletal Institute recently spent time vaccinating the homeless in Atlantic City against COVID-19.

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"How were they going to get access to the vaccine? They weren't," Dr. Richard Jermyn told of his efforts. He continued, "they're not going to come to us, and if we can get the vaccination out to them, it's going to save lives".

Dr. Jermyn reportedly secured 2,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from the state. Between the 170 doses he's personally administered (at the AC bus terminal) to Atlantic City's homeless and the one's he's given to a portion of New Jersey's migrant population, the doctor has managed to protect 500 people from coronavirus.

Jermyn tells 6abc that although his efforts to continue injecting people without easy access to vaccine has been hampered now that the J&J vaccine has been paused over concerns it can cause blood clots, he says no one he's vaccinated has reported that as a symptom.

He reportedly had plans to vaccinate more than 300 migrant workers this week before the warning about the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Dr. Jermyn hopes he's able to get back to distributing the remainder of the doses he has before they expire in May, according to "We're waiting for that green light", he says.

It's wonderful that Dr. Jermyn is so concerned about protecting people from COVID-19 who may not know where to turn to get a vaccine.

SOURCES: Rowan Medicine/Facebook;

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