Some people in South Jersey have no COMMON SENSE. There are times I wish there was a law about some things people do, just so they could learn a lesson!

Close-up of finished toilet paper roll in bathroom


I'm starting the hastag...#CommonSenseLaw. Please feel free to add your angst to the list.

1. When the cashier says "Next In Line", unless your are the next in line (not the LAST in line) you aren't allowed to go. #CommonSenseLaw

2. Don't sit right up on somebody at the beach when there is 5 miles of open beach. #CommonSenseLaw

3. Replace the toilet paper, if you use the last on the roll. #CommonSenseLaw

4. Shut all doors and drawers completely. #CommonSenseLaw

5. Tie your shoes. #CommonSenseLaw

6. Don't wear pajamas in public. #CommonSenseLaw

7. Don't smoke at a kid's sporting event. #CommonSenseLaw

8. If it's freezing cold outside, wear warm clothes. #CommonSenseLaw

9. If it's Halloween and the house lights aren't on, don't ring the doorbell to trick-or-treat. #CommonSenseLaw


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