Mike Rizzote of Hammonton, New Jersey, is taking a non-traditional approach to writing by using only 140 characters at a time.

Writing a novel is never easy. After being unable to finish any story he's started, Mike Rizzote tried a new approach to writing a novel... Twitter!

He took the challenge of posting one or two 140-character posts a day to tell a story loosely based on his father's death. On his 'Jersey Jabbawock' account, Rizzote writes his autobiographical piece on the experience he had when his father passed.

Rizzote told Press of Atlantic City that his father has always urged him to follow his desires which is helping him follow through with the project. And since starting on Jan. 1, Rizzote has over 500 followers and a few writers following his Twitter.

Really cool and creative way of writing, cannot wait to see the outcome by the end of 2016. You can follow his story on his Twitter account.

Source: Press Of Atlantic City