If you are sick and tired of having to constantly call your cable company to lower your bill or give a better deal, let this company handle it for you.

I have been complaining for a week or so after my cable company increased my bill...AGAIN.

After seeing the $20 increase, I have been meaning to call the company but honestly - who has the energy to argue after a long work day? Or, be placed on hold for what feels like an infinite amount of time?

This is when I came across, Trim on CBS Philly:

Trim seemed to good to be true. Instead of blogging about it right away, I decided to try it for myself first.

Signing up for Trim was extremely easy to do, and user friendly. I opted to use an email address, because I'm wary of using my Facebook account (the decision is wholly up to you). Then I entered my cable and credit card information. When I hit enter, Trim send a lovely message that they were going to handle it.

And boy, did they handle it.

Not only, did they reduce my cable bill by $30 - my cable company credited my account $10, and I got this lovely message from Trim:

Spring Gonzalez, FACEBOOK
Spring Gonzalez, FACEBOOK

I was so happy with their fast results, and surprised at how efficient they were. Since, I love you all, I felt the need to share...and also shed a little bit of my excitement.

Man, I love saving! Definitely give Trim a try by visiting their website, here!

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