A ship wreck is a fascinating thing. But what the heck is a CONCRETE SHIP, and why is it at the southern tip of New Jersey?

This is the wreck of the SS Atlantus, (Yes, that's how it's spelled) which was built in Georgia around 1918, is the most famous of a couple dozen concrete ships made for World War I.

Concrete was used to build these ships because the United States was running out of steel for ship building and the war was still going. When the war ended, most of the ships were not complete for military purposes - so they were sold off.

The SS Atlantus was sold, and was to be used as part of a ferry dock in Cape May, but got stuck in the sand after a storm in 1926 ran it aground, where it still rests today.



This awesome drone video was posted on YouTube by Disneyworldsinsta

This Wikipedia entry can give you even more information about the SS Atlantus.

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