Lauren in Williamstown told us that her friends thinks she's weird because she's 23 years old and she's been doing this since she was a baby.


Lauren has been going to the same doctor - a pediatrician - since she was a baby, and yes, she's 23 years old now!

She told us that her friends give her a hard time and say that it is not normal for a grown woman to still be going to a pediatrician. Lauren says she's always known this doctor, and is comfortable with this doctor, and the doctor knows everything about her, so why should she change?

Lauren says that people sometimes look at her weird when she is in the waiting room without a child and the nurse calls her back. Sometimes a new nurse will ask her where her child is and she explains that she doesn't have a child and that SHE is the patient. (check the D.O.B. on the chart - duh!)

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