This guy is an absolute freakin' idiot. Watch as he jumps from a 4th floor hotel balcony into a swimming pool. Oh, and by the way, he broke into the hotel to do this.

Someone who goes by the name of 8Booth posted this video to YouTube, and we can only assume that it is him. The video is titled, "Laguna Pool Drop 2". It is pretty darned scary because he just barely misses the edge of the pool deck. Dude was wearing a GoPro Camera...


If THAT video didn't make your toes curl up in your shoes, check out ANOTHER jump he made, THAT HAS ANOTHER PERSON ALREADY SWIMMING IN THE POOL, when he jumps! This video is a lot shorter, but once again he ALMOST MISSES THE POOL and nearly hits the deck - literally!


Check out MORE daredevil...but this time, SAFE and LEGAL stuff from SoJO 104.9. Heather DeLuca prepares to repel down the Sheraton Hotel in Atlantic City!



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