Not that we needed any proof, but now we have legitimate proof that New Jersey is smarter than everyone else. The SAT scores have been revealed and New Jersey is in fact above average. It feels like we have been telling the rest of the country this and they never believe us. No longer will we be known as the armpit of the United States. reported on the average scores for the state as well as the scores for every single high school. In 2018 the average score for reading was 542, math 543, and total was 1,085 out of 1,600. How does that compare to the rest of the country? New Jersey is 20 points above the national average.

How did South Jersey schools do among the rest of the state?

The Marine Academy of Technology and Environment Science in Stafford Township landed at #5 with an average score of 1413.

The rest of the top five schools in the state go:

  • #4 Bergen County Academies with an average score of 1420.
  • #3 Biotechnology High School with an average score of 1467.
  • #2 High Technology High School with an average score of 1492.
  • #1 Middlesex County Vocational Academy Math, Science, and Engineering Technology with an average score of  1498.

The highest ranking public school was Millburn High School, which came in at #14 with an average score of 1347.


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