Our friends on the other side of the country find them at the butt of jokes just as much as we do. It's okay California, we understand your pain. HOWEVER, the jokes made at your expense are completely warranted, unlike ours. We could give you a pass on most of your quirks, until now. You have disgraced one of New Jersey's most prized food.

Salad pizza?!?!?!? Why must you ruin everything? Not only are you putting a salad on pizza, but you added the most "basic" food in the world, avocado. California, you are feeding into the stereotype. STOP! Everyone already thinks of you as the ultimate Millennial, why are you making it worse? Okay, correction, not all of California is like this it's just L.A.

Research had to be done to see what Abbot's Pizza Company thinks about themselves. What style of pizza do they make? Are they just a bunch of hipsters? Well, the results were shocking. On the about section of their Facebook page they describe themselves as, "Abbot’s Pizza is a locally owned and operated pizzeria that specializes in made-from-scratch thin crust New York pies." NEW YORK PIES?!? Keep the line about their crust in mind as you gaze upon this photo.

What the heck is on that crust??? There are some sort of seeds on that crust. Seeds do not belong on pizza crusts. Also, let's point out that this isn't pizza with a salad as a topping, but it's a salad with pizza as a plate. You need a magnifying glass to find the pizza underneath all of that rabbit food.

Could you imagine if someone offered this pizza to Ron Swanson?


As someone who will give a pass on pineapple on pizza and chicken on pizza, even I think California has taken things too far. Are there chickpeas on this pizza?

I need to step away from this article because the more I look at it, the more mad I get. California, just stop.

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