A South Jersey pizza shop owner is serving up more in the kitchen than just pies!

Is that pizza maker Gary Lincoln dancing up a storm or Magic Mike?! The owner of All About the Crust in Woodbury's moves go far beyond just tossing pizza dough! Lincoln works it out to Ginuwine's 'Pony' while he's working on stretching out the dough, and he's got the attention of 7 million viewers and counting (at least 10 of those views are mine, lol) after posting this clip to his Facebook page.

One of my closest friends owned a pizza shop, and I remember how monotonous it got making hundreds of pizzas day in and day out. It's good to see Gary Lincoln having some fun! He's clearly passionate about pizza, lol. I wonder if he ever dances right on into the seating area, because that would make All About the Crust a potential entertainment destination in South Jersey. Food is love, right?

So, can we order a 'Macarena Margherita' please? Or maybe the 'Twerking Tomato' with extra cheese?

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