Your NYE plans always involve getting dressed to the 9's. Ever wonder why everyone's dressed in sequins and sparkles? Turns out, there's a reason.

Imagine: you're entering the NYE party. It's a room full of sequins as far as the eye can see. Does it feel like this?

Even if it's not everybody in the room, you can't leave the New Year's Eve soiree without spotting at least someone dressed in shimmer and sparkleIn fact, it's the one holiday a year that's perfectly acceptable to be dripping in sparkle and bling.

You've heard the phrase "shiny new year", right? Well, that's why everyone dons some sequins on Dec 31st. The purpose of wearing something sparkly is to celebrate the bright and exciting possibilities the new year might bring. Basically, it's to ensure that the year to come is oozing with positivity.

If you've typically shied away from glitzy NYE outfits in the past, maybe this newly-acquired knowledge will open up your potential fashion choices for this year's party. Sequins still not for you? No problem. At the very least, this should make you less judgmental towards those that do partake in the glitter trend every year.

For those of you now planning on going gliterally fabulous this year, we salute you. SLAY ALL DAY (Or night, I guess, would be the more appropriate word)!


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