As a shelter-in-place order remains in effect in Paulsboro, Congressman Rob Andrews is calling for the Coast Guard to pick up the pace of cleanup.

Derailed train in Paulsboro
Derailed train in Paulsboro (NTSB)

“This is too slow, and I think it can be done safely but more quickly,” said the Democrat during a conference call today according to KYW TV.  “We have conveyed that sentiment to the Coast Guard, and hopefully they’ll be responsive in stepping up the pace of this.  But clearly, the problem is the submerged tank — tanks, I should say, plural — and they’ve been unable to move them quickly enough and safely enough.  But I think it’s overdue.”

Andrews also believes that the derailment makes the case for not allowing railroads to do their own bridge inspections. "Self-reporting isn't working here," said Andrews. "We need to have a federal authority inspect these bridges and not just take their word for it."

A shelter-in-place order has been in effect in Paulsboro since Monday night at 6PM.  Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Lindberg of the Coast Guard's Joint Commmand says there are no plans to lift the order until the tanker cars are completely emptied of their contents.

There will be no town hall meeting with residents until residents can safely leave their homes.

“We want to make sure the residents of Paulsboro have an opportunity to speak one on one with the experts to get the information they need,” said Coast Guard Capt. Kathy Moore, with the Unified Command. “But we want to do it at a time when we can be confident that there is a minimal likelihood that any of the people who need information will be subject to a shelter in place order this evening.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is still unable to get to the derailment site to inspect the train and bridge. However, a large crane, the same one used to lift the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane out of the Hudson River, is enroute to Paulsboro according to WCAU TV.

Party At Motel 6

Meanwhile, 22 people were arrested for having a party in one room at a Motel 6 in Greenwich at which police found unspecified amounts of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol according to the South Jersey Times.

The room is one of 14 being paid for by Conrail as part of a mandatory evacuation for residents closest to the derailment area.

16 adults and 6 juveniles were arrested in the room. Not all those arrested were from Paulsboro.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


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