Officials say more than 100 Paulsboro residents will be kept out of their homes for several more days as crews work to clear a hazardous gas that spewed from a ruptured freight train car.

NTSB inspector looks at locomotive in Paulsboro train detailment
NTSB inspector looks at locomotive in Paulsboro train detailment (NTSB)

"The evacuation area that is currently in place has been extended through Saturday," Chief Warrant Officer Amy Midgett and the Public Information Officer for the Unified Command for this response said during a press conference by the Coast Guard Sunday afternoon according to WPVI TV.

"We still have containers of vinyl chloride. We're taking all precautions to make sure the community stays safe. As long as we have vinyl chloride and the potential for that release, we're being very cautious for public safety purposes," added Coast Guard Captain Todd Weimers.

Weimers says they have started pumping out the remaining tankers of vinyl chloride but "we don't know how long that is going to take because we don't jknow what the consistency of the material that is in the container," Weimers said.

Public schools will be open on Monday, but a day care center and the municipal courts will be closed.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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